How To Use Google Plus For SEO

Google Plus and SEO
Posted on Oct 15th 2011 in
Today I learned some sad news… Google has announced it is shutting down Google Buzz to allow the company put a greater focus on its latest product, Google Plus, in an attempt to take a large market share of the very lucrative social network industry. To be honest though, Google Buzz held very little appeal […]
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6 Ways PPC Can Help SEO

Using PPC to help SEO
Posted on Oct 11th 2011 in
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best methods of gaining instant traffic to your website. However, PPC mediums such as Google AdWords can be expensive and a lot of money can be wasted if you don’t effectively optimize your AdWords campaigns. There are a lot of fantastic free resources to help marketers use PPC […]
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Using Google Insights for Search for SEO

Google Insights for Search and SEO
Posted on Oct 10th 2011 in
Effective keyword research is no doubt the most important aspect to any SEO campaign. If you don’t target the keyword searches which will bring relevant traffic to your site, you will have great difficulty growing your business through organic search traffic. However, knowing what are the best keywords to target simply isn’t enough. You need […]
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